Welcome to the Funky East Village!

     Artists debating in bars in the afternoon, rock musicians rolling their speakers out of clubs at dawn, German socialists and anarchists rallying in the Tompkins Square Park, poets taking notes in cafes, Dutch land-owners riding carriages on “The Farm Lane,” hippies parading down the heart of the neighborhood — all this we’ve seen at one time or another in the East Village. Containing virtually all of New York history — from the native Lanape hunting grounds and fishing streams, through the great Dutch farms, to the immigrants in tenements — the East Village has been through it all. And all the artistic vibrancy and political vitality, as well as a wealth of restaurants and bars of the city, still seem concentrated on this neighborhood of less than one square mile.

     Inspect, enjoy and learn from what the East Village has to offer with a native son of the community who has a great depth of knowledge and lore, as well as a passion for sharing the neighborhood he loves.

     Sign up for a one and one-half hour tour to see sights that will inspire you and hear stories that you’ll always remember and will share with friends and family. The cost is “pay-what-you-want,” so it’s affordable to everyone. It’s wheelchair accessible, and family friendly.

     To register for a tour, or for more information, just shoot us an email at FreeFunkyTours@yahoo.com