About Me

About your tour guide

Rafael was born and raised in New York City. Originally from The Bronx, his family moved on up to the Lower East Side of Manhattan when he was a tween. He’s also lived in the East Village, Little Italy, Tribeca, etc. Rafael gets around.

He has a passion for downtown Manhattan, enjoys studying its history, about its landmarks, and he just can’t shut up about it. He knows other areas in the city and in other boroughs, but Downtown is where his heart is.

He attended Sarah Lawrence College, where he studied New York City from the urban planning perspective; the University of Texas at Austin, where he learned that warm pecan pie with whipped cream is delicious in the winter, and he has also lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Back home with his family now, he’s proud of his daughter, a graduate student at NYU and his nephew who’s an attorney, as they make up for his lack of accomplishments.

He is a warm and caring person, quick with a joke, super smart (except when he’s not) and has many friends who are testaments to his quality.