Hear what previous clients had to say!

OMG, thanks I had so much fun on the tour! It helped that it was a lovely day but you’re a walking encyclopedia and really know how to entertain. You’re such a New Yorker! I loved the Led Zeppelin surprise (I won’t tell anyone) and the story of the guy that designed the arch in Washington Square Park. What you said at the end brought tears to my eyes. Do you always do that? It was really nice of you to hang out and talk with me and Kyleigh while we waited for our friend to show up, after the tour. The rest of the people that left don’t know what they missed! I’ll recommend anyone coming to New York to sign up for a tour with you.
Abigail Duarte
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Hi, Raf! Greetings from Europe. Do you remember me and my friend Chi Chi? The one that asked for “Instagramable moments?” We got a lot (including one with you, I’ll send you a copy). I showed the ones from the Washingto Mews to friends here and fooled them that it was Italy! Ha, ha. Well, thank you so much for a very interesting tour and the extra information you gave. We took your advice and walked over the Williamsburg Bridge after we left you. We took a lot of great photos there too. And Domino Park, wow! You should do a tour in Brooklyn! I’ll contact you when I’m back in the States and do your other tour. Sorry we didn’t have time when we were there. Cheers!
Astrid Schipfer
Innsbruck, Austria
This guy will make you laugh, make you think, teach you something new, and it’s FREE!!!! He does it for the sheer joy of it and tips. Don’t miss this!
Carolina Briones
Los Angeles, California